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Our History

Hamill Machine started business in 1948 as a general machine shop servicing Niagara Falls. Today Hamill is diversified in small manufacturing for the industrial sector, wine producers, food producers and serves the US and Canada. Its special operations include CNC machining, machine design and building, millwrighting, dynamic balancing, fabricating, laser cutting and 3D engineering.

Our Products

Our Products

The majority of the products manufactured at Hamill Machine are custom machined parts, usually reverse engineered from a sample. Processes include lathe turning, milling, welding, fabricating, and computer design. In addition to producing new parts for customers, re-builds or overhauls are also performed at the facility. Overhauls are regularly performed on production-line machinery, gearboxes, and pump.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Hamill’s mission is to deliver high quality parts to all our customers large and small, and provide superior quality turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing, on-site installation and support of plant-related systems. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, timely delivery, & cost through continuous improvement and customers interaction.

Custom Projects

Custom Projects has been our key strength. We harness our excellent design and engineering capabilities to deliver high quality custom operations. In the spring of 2009 we completed our most ambitious project to date, a $1.1 million contract to build a custom loading barge for the Maid of the Mist. It was delivered on time and on budget. Recently, we also helped Bombardier to setup their fork lift assembly, a prime component during the manufacturing of aircraft.

Hamill Primarily Services:



Heavy Industrial

Environmental Sectors

It’s no secret that technology is pivotal for the growth of any business. At Hamill, we firmly believe in this evolved rational thought. Technology has helped business in maximizing its productivity, saving time and optimizing energy. Be in terms of operational challenge or any hi-tech engineering design or customization, innovation is reflected in every core activity of Hamill. No Innovation is helpful if it doesn’t meet our customers need or if it doesn’t improve business productivity. But our extreme technology focus makes sure we not only meet your expectations but exceed your expectations. For example, our welding department takes advantage of current technology available on the market today ie: pulse welding. Our machining capabilities that integrate our CMM table with our 3D design package and finally our CNC machines. Our engineering design has taken our shop to heights that we never thought were possible. Check out our great engineering projects.

Our customer oriented culture defines Hamill’s priorities. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our products and services. Overall, we strive not only to serve you better one time, but also to maintain long term professional relationship and grow with your success. Our customer service excels on gaining your trust and ensures high customer satisfaction results.

Our decades of expertise in this industry motivate us to always do best in whatever we do. Striving for perfection is the only way we know to do the things. From simple design to complex process, from operation excellence to technology innovation, Hamill has always been passionate about every activity, and therefore able to transform your great ideas into our achievements.

This Passion is reflected in our products and services that reflect what customers need now not yesterday.

To us, established businesses like Hamill Machine with access to great resources has the capability to achieve more and will always strive to be the best in our field. Present owners Bob and Gaye Benner took over Hamill Machine Company in 1998. They have taken a 3 person shop to now employing 15 people with future growth seeing approximately 25 full-time employees. On May 28, 2008 Hamill Machine Co. was presented with ‘The Minister’s Apprenticeship Employer Recognition Award for their outstanding efforts to employ the youth of our community.

C.E.O Bob Benner he has run a successful Machine shop business for the past 20 years.  His experience has proven invaluable when leading his team into uncharted waters with regards to innovative machinery building. He draws on young talent as well as experienced trades people to accomplish his goals.  Young minds bring new ideas and experienced trade people work together to bring the projects to fruition.

General Manager / Owner Kevin Dobbs has spent the past eight years with Hamill as a Project Manager working with many large scale customers in a variety of sectors on custom machinery.  He recently transitioned over to Managing the Fabrication and Industrial aspect of the shop. Kevin has great leadership and experience in the Industrial and food sectors.


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