Our Microgreens Harvester is a fantastic piece of machinery.  It has been engineered and designed to speed up your  cutting time while being delicate enough to precisely cut the smallest of microgreens.  The Harvester can cut up to 20 trays per minute with little to no waste. Blade height is fully adjustable to accommodate  different products.  Accepting trays up to 12″ wide and custom sizes available upon request.

The Microgreens Harvester is part one of our Microgreens Line it is compatible with the Washer and Dryer.  It can be used as a single unit as well as a partner with the Washer and Dryer.  Please check out our video to see the Microgreens Harvester in action.

Microgreens Harvester Projects


Our Microgreens Continuous Washer is equipped with adjustable flow controls for both air and water. Produce is discharged with a variable speed food grade belt and assisted with an integrated air knife. This is a fully wash-down unit with all stainless-steel components. The conveyor is removable and the tank is lined with removable screens for easy cleaning.

The washer is compatible with the Microgreens Harvester and the Dryer.  The washer can be used in a assembly format of on it own.  When set up with the Microgreens Harvester the product is able to drop off directly into the washer.  This allows the production to speed up tremendously.

Microgreens Washer Projects


microgreens dryer

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