John Howard Cellars of Distinction

Our new floating barrel system is engineered to go 6 barrels high. Each barrel is totally independent and can be rotated on its 4 wheels. The barrels can be filled, emptied, and washed in place. This is a significant time saver. Besides its awesome looks, it is completely modular. You can start with as little as a 3 barrel system and add on as req’d. Our entire system is produced in house with the exception of powder coating which is outsourced locally. It is a 100% made in Canada system. The system can be shipped and assembled on site. The only tools req’d are wrenches and a socket set.As with our aluminum racks this system is engineered and a stamped engineered drawing can be provided on request. Eventually all racking will require an engineered stamp, we want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our customers are getting a product that is totally safe.Our largest system to date holds 412- 225L barrels. It is currently in use at 2 Sisters Estate Winery in NOTL. We also boast a 7 barrel system in a customer’s private wine cellar. All of our systems offer lifetime warranty on all parts.