Our Microgreens Harvester is  must have for farmers harvesting microgreens and leafy greens.  Engineered and designed to speed up your  cutting time while being delicate enough to precisely cut the smallest of microgreens.  Our  Harvester can cut up to 3500 trays per day with little to no waste. Blade height is fully adjustable to accommodate  different products.  Accepting trays up to 12″ wide ( also available is our 24″ harvester)  The harvester is made with high quality parts and made in house here at are Niagara Falls Location.  We use food grade belting and made sure the harvester has full wash down capabilities.

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Our Tabletop Harvester is a fantastic smaller scale harvester.   Farms who have a handful of  employees and want to maximize their productivity, this is the machine for you.  We have kept all the some major components as are full size harvester, we have just scaled down on the automation.   The incline and in-feed belts are automated as well as the cutting head.  All other components are manual.  Don’t let this harvester fool you it will still harvest hundreds of trays a day.  As fast as you can feed the trays in this machine it will harvest them.

Our Tray sanitizer is a fast and easy way to sanitize your trays. The sanitizer is an easy load and unload sanitizing top and bottom of your trays in seconds. It is compatible with tray sizes up to 24” wide. Virtually anything can run through the sanitizer that is within the dimensions of the machine including other tools or packaging.