Dough cutters, also known as Rotary Dough Cutters are another key component of effective dough production. After dough sheets are generated from dough rollers, dough cutting takes place with the use of custom dough cutters.  We service all dough cutters weather it is stainless steel or UHMW.  We understand that it is important for your production to be up and running, therefore we make sure that we have a fast turn around for you.

4 Axis Machinig

The stainless steel and UHMW material and precise engineering CNC machining ensures dough cutters produce precise cuttings consistently. At thee same time, fine polishing ensures rotary dough cutters are easy to clean and maintain.  At Hamill, we offer 3D cad design to ensure repeat ability of your cut.

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Hamill Machine manufactures profiled extrusion dies for any cross sectional shape/size/design. These profiles are used for a variety of mediums ranging from metals, polymers, ceramics, and our most common extruders for the food processing industry. The material is pressed or drawn through the die to construct intricate shapes, where the continuous solid is then cut to the desired length. These food extruder dies are manufactured from one of several different materials such as Bronze, Stainless, or even Tool Steel, depending on the application.

Another great project that we completed was a cheese cutter.  The cutter has 1″ and 2″ settings, interchangeable and very easy to clean.  The cutter glides through the cheese and leaves a great finish.  We enjoy all aspects of working with the food industry.

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