Introducing to you our Aluminum barrel racks.  Our barrel racks are light weight and ergonomically designed for a single person to handle only weighing 27 lbs. per unit.  We provide a lifetime warranty on the racks.  They are maintenance free and never require refinishing.

Our standard barrel racks sizes are 225L  and 500L.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  These barrel  racks are a great way to save on space as you are able to stack your barrels up to 5 rows in height. They are easily accessible and easy to locate.

Aluminum Barrel Racks Projects


Modular Floating Barrel Racks

Our Modular Floating Racking System speak for themselves.  They are not only stunning but the are extremely functional.  These racks give you the capabilities to stir your barrels with a simple spin.  The barrels never have to lifted or moved.  They provided maximum space with a organized clean look.

At Hamill Machine we strive to provide the best service to our customers.  When decided on a racking system it can be difficult to figure out a floor plan, we have that covered.  We will work together with you and our engineers to design and complete a full layout of your choice for your space.  This allows a perfect set-up for you.

Modular Floating Barrel Racks Projects


These Modular Keg Racks are such a great way to organize.  These racks give you the capabilities to maximize your cooler space as well as storage space.  Storing full or empty kegs vertically vs. horizontally really optimizes your floor space.  The racks allow you to tap into your kegs while on the racks.  We have engineered and designed the racks to hold 20 L and 30 L kegs on the upper racks and up to 50 L or 58.7 L kegs on the lower racks.  We have designed a puck system with wheels to place your 50 L and 58.7 L for easy handling .  No more lifting or struggling while moving  the large kegs.

The modular Keg Racks are durable and easy to assemble.  No tools are required.  The racks have been designed with you in mind.  We wanted simple, affordable and most of all functional.  While kegs are in the racks the are easy to find and easy to switch out, this allows quick and simple access.  Our stock racks come in grey however custom colors and custom logo designs are available upon request.

Modular Keg Racks & Stackers Projects