Excessive vibration in rotating components will greatly reduce a shaft or bearing’s life cycle, not to mention the adverse noise levels and physical vibration in the surrounding environment. Correcting the rotary center of gravity of the component or assembly will place the in question unit “in-balance” in turn eliminating any detrimental side effects.The machine is used with accelerometers and strobes to balance wheels or pulleys, while the other end is attached to Windows-based laptop running high-end dynamic balancing software to record the Centre of gravity motion with tight tolerance.  Material is removed at the correct co-ordinate and re-tested until balanced to the desired level.Dynamic balancing is one of the esteemed practices performed by only a few machine shops. Its rarity is linked to the high level of both computational and machining skills, required to operate this machine.  With use of such high technology, Rotor setup and unbalance measurement is just a matter of minutes. Moreover, the software has the capability to calibrate to smallest units and meet your precision requirements.